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Overpowering the Sun [pics]

Taking good outdoor portrait pictures could be really easy or really hard depends on the natural lighting conditions and what we are trying to achieve. When we are lucky enough, the free lighting from the sun is all we need to take good pictures, but more often we are not as lucky, especially from a professional photographer's point of view. Besides other reasons, professionals can't afford to plan our jobs based on best case scenarios. Direct sunlight can cast too harsh a shadow on people's faces, can force people to squint their eyes, and if it's the only light source, can seriously limit people's choices of positioning.

Low Light Photography & Nikon D3s [pics]

Q: How do you shoot in how light?
A: Increase the aperture (lower the F number if not listed in fractions)
Q: What if that's not enough?
A: Well, lower the shutter speed, increase ISO, and if necessary, put the camera on a tripod.
Q: What if the object is moving quickly? Tripod is not going to help.
A: Then use a flash or flashes.
Q: What if no flashes are allowed?
A: Well...remember the panning technique I talked about a couple of days ago?
Q: What if the objects do not move in a strait line, but instead in many different directions and speeds?
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