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360° Panoramic Photography

We are starting to offer 360°panoramic photography for interior architectural shots.
This is only a temporary image and will be updated soon. Click on the image to start your virtual tour; use the mouse to navigate the view.

Challenges of Architectural Photography (1) - Dynamic Range [pics]

When taking interior architectural shots involving external windows, one of the main challenges is to avoid overblown window views. Since interior lighting is often much weaker than external lighting during the day, when the camera is set on a proper exposure for the interior, the exterior becomes too bright, as shown in the following picture:

Now if we try to address this problem by reducing the exposure, the interior can easily become too dark. The lighting range between maximum darkness and maximum brightness that a camera can capture is called its Dynamic Range.

The Beauty of Wide Angle [pic]

For beginners, wide angle lenses are just lenses that cover wider angles of view. But since our human eyes are not "wide angled", pictures taken with wide angle lenses appear to be distorted, the wider the angle the more distortions. Because of this very reason, I generally avoid using them for shooting people, unless...when a few times I was in the paparazzi mode that I had to cut in front of others who were doing the same thing:-) It's not fun, and it's not true photography. Anyway, distortions are generally avoided when portraying people (with exceptions too), but they are often used in architectural photography to emphasize or minimize something and to exaggerate the perspectives.
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