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Panning Fast Action [pics]

Usually when we take fast action photos, we need to increase the shutter speed a lot so that the pictures won't be blurry. It's called freezing the action. Now with cameras capable of shooting at 1/4000 sec or even higher speed, freezing the action isn't that hard as long as we have plenty of light. But what if we shoot in low light situations that prevent us from using very high shutter speed? And shouldn't we purposely allow some blurriness to better convey the sense of fast action? That's when sometimes the panning technique comes very handy.

Stories of Autism [pic]

Two weeks ago, a friend of mine sent me a link to her daughter's recent portrait pictures. They are fantastic black and white outdoor portraits, and she got it for free as part of the Stories of Autism project. I was impressed by how the photographer was able to capture the precious moments when her daughter had such beautiful smiles. Getting good portrait pictures is not always easy, and I can imagine the difficulty when shooting autistic kids. Well, after learning more about the project at the
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