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Videography Is Fun! [+ FAQ]

We started offering videography service at the beginning of the year and it has been so well received that during the second quarter of this year I have more video jobs than photo jobs already. Not because my photography business is going down or something, as it actually has more than quadrupled from the same period of last year. In a 4-day span from last night to the coming Sunday, we will complete 5 video jobs that include a total of 10 shows. Since videography turns out to be something really fun, this is not a bad development for me:-)  I enjoy watching free performances. Sometimes when I shoot a show with great music, I have to tell myself not to dance, or at least not to shake the camera. Now, since so many customers ask me by phone or emails these similar questions, I am compiling a quick FAQ here.

Q: Why isn't there much mentioning of videophaphy on your website?
A: Partly because we are relatively new to the business, and partly because the business grows too fast, I haven't had the time to update my website. But the fact that we can grow our new business so fast speaks for the quality of our service.

Q: How long does it take for me to receive my dvd?
A: When I am not so busy, I can produce all dvds for a job within a week. Since sometimes I do get very busy, I would say 3 weeks just to be safe.

Q: I saw you shot from the very back of the auditorium. Will the people be too small in the video?
A: We shoot with only professional equipments. My main camera has a 22 times optical zoom lens so that distance is rarely a problem when shooting performances. We can zoom in really close when we need to, even from the very back.

Q: Do you zoom in to each performer or only show the big view?
A: We believe it's usually not a good idea to zoom in to just one performer when there are other performers also performing on the stage. But when the performers come close together, we usually zoom in to get a better view of them, and it actually happens quite often.

Q: Do you shoot with one camera or multiple?
A: I believe changing perspectives of a video frequently is not necessary and can be quite confusing. So I believe one camera is generally enough. Nonetheless, I shoot with 2 cameras when possible just to be on the safe side. When we have more than one job at the same time, currently we shoot with one camera. We haven't had a problem yet.

Q: Should I buy the dvd or blu-ray disc?
A: Even though we only use high-def camcorders to shoot events, dvd itself is not a high definition format. So when we produce our dvds, a lot of information get thrown away. If you don't have a high-def tv, or if your tv is small, the difference may not be that big. But it can make a big difference on bigger high-def tvs. Also, most dvds can hold about 2-hours of video without sacrificing quality. When a longer video needs to be compressed onto a single dvd, the quality goes down further.  Blu-ray is the way to go if you are not too concerned about that extra $10.

Q: Last time I ordered a dvd from a different video company and have never got the video. How can I trust you?
A: Well, I can't speak for others, and I doubt a legit business would purposely do this to its customers. All I can say is that we do everything from shooting the videos, to editing the videos, to burning and printing dvds and covers, etc. ourselves. So it's easier for us to control quality and guarantee delivery.

More to come as questions are being raised...

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wedding videography Sydney on Monday, February 25, 2013 4:09 AM
I found this post to be of great use, it will help me with my research.Thanks for sharing this interesting post with all of us. I really enjoyed it.
Reply to comment on Tuesday, March 19, 2013 3:15 AM
I have been very surprised to know that your main camera has a 22 times optical zoom lens, so you can zoom in really close when you need. Really, your camera's technical side is very strong.
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