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About Us

Hi, I am the founder and principal photographer of Arion Pro Photo. Please let me introduce myself first.

I had been an IT professional for many years before deciding to become an entrepreneur in 2006, at a time when digital photography was becoming mainstream. After some preparation, I decided to jump in with both feet. The decision wasn't a difficult one, because, as manufacturers race to put more computing power into digital cameras, and as more post processing you can do on computers after taking pictures, photography has become more and more like a new frontier of information technology, and makes people like me feel really handy. Also as a long time hobbyist, I couldn't wait to convert that passion in photography into a career. So I did.

Digital photography requires such a blend of technology and artistry that's unlike anything else that I can think of...

When I take a picture of you, I witness a moment in your life, and I help freeze that moment that you might cherish for the rest of your life. Remember what the wise guy Heraclitus said that no one could step into the same river twice? Well, that was before the invention of photography. If you can freeze that river, you can step into the same river as often as you want to. Sometimes when I look at some of my old family pictures, I feel I am stepping into the same memory stream full of joy.

Now, on the other hand, a picture also captures the photographer's perspective at that particular moment. When put together, it becomes a life story about the photographer. The story can be full of beauty, joy and emotions, thrill, details, creativity, and thanks to digital photography, it never fades. That's why I love photography so much! It also helps me explore the world, meet various kinds of people, and make new friends. As a techie, I'd never felt technology to be so warm before.

I've found the passion that can last a lifetime, and by choosing photography as my career, I will never have to worry about retirement anymore.

I work with like-minded people who share the same passion in photography. If you like my story, please click on the icon below to visit our photo galleries and see if you like our pictures too. Besides the picture quality you can see with your own eyes, we try to be competitive on our prices too. We enjoy taking pictures, and we want your business.

                                                                 Eric Zhang